Tammy Cabrera
Doctor of Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified

Tammy Cabrera is one of Knoxville’s most seasoned specialists in weight loss and medical cosmetic injections. She is an experienced nursing educator with many years of hospital and clinical experience. Tammy holds an Advanced Certification in cosmetic injections and sclerotherapy. She has served the Knoxville area as a weight loss clinician and cosmetic injector for 12+ years. Healthy Lifestyle Medical Spa welcomes both old and new clients at their 248 N. Peters location.

Tammy’s objective in opening Healthy Lifestyle is to help clients achieve their optimal health and wellness goals through personally-tailored weight loss and skin care programs. We hope to provide clients with the building blocks necessary to be successful with their lifestyle choices.

Tammy holds an Associate of Science in Nursing from Dalton State College, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of West Georgia, and a Master of Science in Nursing from North Georgia College and State University. She recently completed her Doctor of Nursing Practice.

Miranda Young

Miranda is a medical esthetician with over 9 years’ experience.  She enjoys evaluating client’s current skin condition and educating them on their skin care needs.

Jennifer Ryan

Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Science degree in business from Middle Tennessee State University in 1989.  She returned to school in 2007 where she became licensed in Esthetic Skin Care and worked for 11 years as a medical esthetician.

Sara Sexton

Sara was in pharmaceutical sales for 14 years, and then decided to become an entrepreneur.  After opening and managing her own medical spa for 2 years, Sara sold the business and went back into sales.  Sara then discovered Healthy Lifestyle Medical Spa and feels back at home in the skin care/weight management business.