Hyfracator Spot Remover-

At Healthy Lifestyle we offer solutions to minor skin irregularities. Our solutions are effective on all skin types, ages and results are long-lasting, and usually permanent.

A small Hyfrecator can be utilized to remove skin growths such as cherry angiomas, spider veins, broken capillaries, skin tags, brown spots, lesions and acne.

The treatment uses radio frequency technology to precisely and quickly treat skin irregularities eliminating imperfections.  During 10-15 minute procedure, the noninvasive Hyfracator emits high radio frequencies that convert to heat, which brings liquids to the surface to diminish skin abnormalities. Discomfort and social downtime is minimal.

Multiple Benefits of the Hyfracator:

  • Fast treatment time 2-7 seconds
  • No anesthesia needed
  • Little to no downtime
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Extremely precise
  • Non invasive
  • Convenient
  • Effective
  • Safe

Although skin lesions such as skin tags and warts are not a serious health threat, they can be bothersome with appearance and location. It may take a few treatments, but we can help eliminate them!